Westrope Geneaology




George WESTROPE was born circa 1700 in Fordham. He married Mary DURRANT on the 19th October 1722 in Fordham. Mary was baptised on the 3rd November 1768 in Fordham, daughter of Johnathan and Ann Durrant. George and Mary had the following two children:



  1. John – born circa 1723, Fordham. Died circa 1765, Fordham. Married Elizaberth circa 1740, Fordham. 

  1. William – circa 1725, Fordham, Died in 1785, Fordham.  




John WESTROPE was born circa 1723 in Fordham to parents George Westrope and Mary Durrant. He married Elizabeth ….. circa 1740, Fordham. Elizabeth was born circa 1720, and was buried on the 27th May 1766, Fordham. John and Elizabeth has the following five children:




  1. William – Baptised 26th March 1741, Fordham. Married Annabel Gilbert in 1766. Buried on the 2nd August 1800, Fordham.

  2. John – Baptised 15th November 1741, Fordham.

  1. Joseph – Baptised 12th August 1744, Fordham. Married Sarah Brown in 1782. Buried 2nd January 1808, Fordham.

  1. Elizabeth – Baptism unknown. Buried 17th February 1758, Fordham.

  1. George – Born circa 1750. Buried 25th October 1751, Fordham.




William WESTROPE was baptised on the 26th March 1741 in Fordham, to parents John Westrope and Elizabeth. He married Annabel GILBERT on the 7th July 1766 in Fordham. Annabel was baptised on the 9th June 1745, and was buried on the 16th March 1797 in Fordham. William was buried on the 2nd January 1800, Fordham. William and Annabel had the following eight children:




  1. Elisabeth – Baptised 10th August 1767, Fordham.

  1. Mary – Born circa 1770, buried 18th November 1770, Fordham.

  1. Arrabel – Baptised 29th June 1772, Fordham. Married Thomas Murfet in 1792, Fordham.

  1. John – Baptised 30th June 1775. Buried on the 2nd November 1775, Fordham.

  1. William – Baptised on the 30th June 1775, buried on the 18th June 1805, Fordham.

  1. Joseph – Baptised on the 6th April 1777, buried on the 29th June 1777, Fordham.

  1. John – Baptised on the 22nd November 1778, Fordham. Married first wife Mary Collin in 1801. Married second wife Ann Deeks in 1808. Buried on the 29th June 1828, Soham.

  1. Mary – Baptised on the 3rd March 1782, Fordham.





John WESTROPE was baptised on the 22nd November 1778 in Fordham to parents William Westrope and Annabel Gilbert. John was a Farmer and Millright by trade and married Mary COLLIN on the 23rd November 1801 in Soham. John and Mary had the following child:




  1. Josiah – Baptised on the 17th March 1804. Buried on the 12th June 1804 aged 3 months, Soham.


John’s first wife Mary Collin died and was buried on the 17th March 1804 in Soham. John married his second wife Ann DEEKS on the 17th April 1808 at St Andrew's, Soham. Ann was born on the 19th September 1787 to parents William Deeks and Ann Bush. John’s second marriage was witnessed by Robert Collin, brother in law to John.  John and Ann had the following six children:




  1. John – Baptised on the 13th September 1807, Soham. Married Ann Basham in 1832. Died in 1875, Cambs. Farmer.
  2. Sophia – Baptised 25th December 1809, Soham. Buried on the 5th February 1811, St Andrew's, Soham.
  3. Edward – Baptised on the 25th December 1811, Soham. Married Ann Cooper in 1841, Soham.
  4. Ephraim – Baptised on the 25th December 1822, Soham. Married Ann Brabrook in 1846, Bury St Edmunds. Died in 1865, Cambs. House Servant.
  5. Frederick William – Baptised on the 15th August 1824, Soham. Married Sarah Pollard in 1846, Soham. Buried on the 25th October 1886, Soham.
  6. Sophia – Baptised on the 20th April 1827, Soham.


John died in 1828 aged 49, and was buried on the 29th June 1828 at St Andrew's, Soham. Ann died in 1862 aged 75, and was buried on the 17th March 1862 at the Fordham Road Cemetery, Soham.



Frederick William WESTROPE was baptised on the 15th August 1824 in Soham to parents John Westrope and Ann Deeks. Frederick married Sarah POLLARD, Laundress, on the 11th May 1846, Soham. Sarah was born in 1827, Soham to parents William Pollard, Agricultural Labourer, and Susannah Lane, Nurse. Frederick and Sarah had the following eleven children:




  1. Alfred – Baptised on the 14th September 1846, Soham. Married Mary Ann …… in 1872. Buried on the 17th October 1932, Fordharm Road Cemetery, Soham. Bricklayers Labourer.
  2. Frederick – Baptised on the 21st April 1848, Soham. Buried on the 27th April 1848 aged 3 weeks, St Andrew's, Soham.
  3. Frederick William – Baptised on the 5th April 1849, Soham. Married Cecillia Mary Downard in 1875, Lambeth. Died in 1928.
  4. Walter – Born in 1851, Soham. Married Mary Ann Blatch in 1886, Streatham, London. Died in 1912, London. Gunner in the Royal Horse Artillery, Woolwich, and Bricklayers Labourer.
  5. Charlotte – Born in 1854, Soham. Died in 1926.
  6. William –Born in 1857, Soham. Married Mary Jane Willis in 1879, Newmarket. Died in 1941, Hendon district. Bricklayer.  See WILLIS Genealogy.
  7. Susan – Born in 1859, Soham. Buried 21st January 1863, Fordham Road Cemetery, Soham.
  8. John – Born in 1861, Soham. Baptised on the 23rd June 1873 in Soham. Married Alice Vine Horsley in 1883, Soham. Died in 1915.
  9. Thomas – Born in 1864, Soham. Baptised on the 23rd June 1873 in Soham. Married Sarah Emans in 1888, Fordham. Died in 1937. Bricklayer.
  10. Harry – Born in 1867, Soham. Baptised on the 23rd June 1873, Soham. Married Ada Fowle in 1893, Hendon, Middlesex. Died after 1955. Bricklayer.
  11. Mercy – Born in 1868, Soham. Baptised on the 23rd June 1873 in Soham. Married Frederick James Hunt in 1900, Soham. Died in 1916.


In 1841 Frederick William Westrope was a Male Servant at the Maids Head Inn, Wicken, Cambs. In 1851 he was a Groom, and an Agricultural Labourer in 1861. In 1871 he was a Gardner in Pratt Street, Soham. Frederick was buried on the 25th October 1886 in Soham. After Frederick's death Sarah was living at the Clay Street Alms Houses in Soham, as a retired Laundress. Sarah was buried on the 12th March 1910, Soham.




William WESTROPE was born in 1857, Soham to parents Frederick William Westrope and Sarah Pollard. William married Mary Jane WILLIS in 1879, Newmarket. Mary Jane was born on the 6th September 1859, Swafthamprior to parents Edward Willis and Sarah Crisp. William and Mary Jane had the following seven children:


  1. George William – Born in 1881, Swafthamprior, Cambs. Married Mabel Booth on the 16th May 1915, Lambeth, London. George was a bricklayer, and a Landlord in Newmarket. He died in 1964, St Pancreas, London.
  2. Ethel Eliza - Born in 1883, Exining, Suffolk. Married Ernest Robert Levitt on the 15th September 1915, St Saviour, Lambeth, London.
  3. Nellie Louisa - Born in 1884, Exining, Suffolk. Married Frederick William Bottoms in 1908, Bedford. Died in 1967, Bedford.
  4. Emily - Born in 1887, Exining, Suffolk. Ladies Maid and nanny for weathly households. Emily died in 1971, Bedford.
  5. Mildred Lucy - Born on the 18th December 1889, Exiningm Suffolk. Married Frederick William Harding on the 27th February 1915, St Saviour, Lambeth, London. Mildred Lucy was in Service, and she was a Seamstress. She died on the 15th December 1980 and is buried at the Old Rd Cemetery, Llanelli, Wales.
  6. Ada Gertrude - Born on the  29th July 1893, Exining, Suffolk. Ada married Cyril Barrett on the 5th September 1915, St Saviour, Lambeth, London. Ada was a professional dressmaker and made ballet dresses for Sadler Wells. She died on the 1st August 1973, Holt, Wilts.
  7. Florence Augusta - Born on the 21st June 1900, Bedford. Florence was a typist and secretary, and died on the 17th September 1963 in South Harrow, Middlesex.


 Wedding photo of Mildred Lucy Westrope and Frederick William Harding, 27th Feb 1915
Top row, left to right - George William, Florence Augusta, Ernest Robert Levett, Ethel Eliza, Cyril Isaac Barrett
Bottom row, left to right - William Westrope, Mary Jane Westrope (nee Willis), Frederick William Harding, Mildred Lucy, Ada Gertrude, Nellie Louisa.

William Westrope was a Bricklayer by trade, and he and his family lived at White Hall Yard,  High Street and 6 Rowley Terrace Exining, Suffolk. Later living at 30 Vaughn Road, Chatteris, Cambs. William died in 1941, Hendon district aged 84, and Mary Jane died in  1955, Harrow district aged 96 years.

Willis Genealogy



William WILLIS was born in 1786, Cambs. He was an Agricultural Labourer and married Sarah NICHOLLS. They had the following son:



  1. Edward  - Born 1816, Swafthamprior. Agricultural Labourer.

Sarah died before 1841. William died in 1848, Cambs.



Edward WILLIS was born in 1816, Swafthamprior. He was an Agricultural Labourer by trade and married Sarah CRISP, Needlewoman, circa 1836. Edward and Sarah had the following nine children:



  1. Sarah - Born in 1837, Swafthamprior.
  2. Matilda - Born in 1837, Swafthamprior.
  3. George - Born in 1839, Swafthamprior. Agricultural Labourer.
  4. Maria - Born in 1841, Swafthamprior.
  5. Louisa - Born in 1841, Swafthamprior.
  6. Edward - Born in 1848, Swafthamprior. Labourer.
  7. Jane Shelton - Born in 1850, Swafthamprior.
  8. John - Born in 1856, Swafthamprior. Groom
  9. Mary Jane - Born on the 6th September 1859, Swafthamprior. Married William WESTROPE in 1879, Newmarket. Died in 1955, Harrow district.  See WESTROPE Genealogy.

Edward and Sarah lived in Swafthamprior for over 60 years. Edward died in 1895, aged 79 years, and Sarah died in 1902 aged 83 years.

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