Rose Genealogy




Benjamin Rose married Ratchel, ( birth dates and names unknown), and had the following two children:



  1. James - Baptised 8th June 1783, St James Church, Trowbridge.
  2. John – Baptised 6th June 1784, St James Church, Trowbridge.


    GEN II

    John ROSE was born in Trowbridge in 1785. He was a cloth worker by trade and married Elizabeth RANDALL on the 3rd November 1805 at St James’s Church in Trowbridge. Elizabeth was born in 1786 in North Bradley. They had the following four children: 




    1. Elizabeth – born 14th December 1806, Trowbridge.
    2. John – born 4th June 1809, Trowbridge. John was a Cloth Worker by trade and married Mary Warren in 1829, Trowbridge. He died in 1871.
    3. Benjamin – born 26th December 1813, Trowbridge. Benjamin was a weaver by trade and married Ann.
    4. James – born 11th April 1819, Trowbridge. James was a Cloth Worker by trade and married Catherine Carter on the 10th March 1839 at St James's Church, Trowbridge. James was buried on the 14th November 1885 as a Baptist at The Down Cemetery, Trowbridge.

    John and Ann lived at Islington, 15 Ashton Street and Alma Street in Trowbridge between 1841 and 1861. John died in 1854 and was buried on the 27th January 1854 at the Back Street Baptist Chapel in the Conigre, Trowbridge. Elizabeth died in 1871 and was buried at the Down Cemetery as a Baptist on the 8th March 1871. In the 1861 census Elizabeth is living in Alma Street with her son James’s family and it is noted “labour done”. This means that she had simply worked during her life and she was retired.



    John ROSE was born on the 4th June 1809 in Trowbridge to parents John Rose and Elizabeth Randall. John was a Weaver / Shearman by trade and married Mary WARREN on the 15th October 1829 at St James’s Church, Trowbridge. Both John and Mary could not write and marked their name with an “X”. Mary was a Burler by trade, born to parents Samuel Warren and Elizabeth Edwards in 1810 in Trowbridge. John and Mary had the following nine children:


    GEN IV

    1. Rachel – born 2nd May 1830, Trowbridge. Servant. Married Benaiah Sims on the 14th May 1855 at St James's Church, Trowbridge. She died in 1864, Trowbridge.
    2. Ann – born 24th April 1831, Trowbridge. Died between 1831 and 1841.
    3. John – born in 1832, Trowbridge. John married Rachel Beer on the 30th May 1852 at St James's Church, Trowbridge.  He was a Woollen spinner and cloth dress by trade but died of bronchitis which he had for 12 weeks on the 1st February 1861 at Furlong, Trowbridge.  John and Rachel had a son called Samuel who died on the 23rd February 1860 at Furlong, Trowbridge. He was only eleven months old.
    4. Mary – born 18th January 1835, Trowbridge. Mary married Alfred Scammell on the 29th April 1855 at St James's Church, Trowbridge. Mary and was a Burler by trade.
    5. Elizabeth – born 26th December 1836, Trowbridge. Elizabeth married Thomas Adams ( brother to below Martha Adams ) on the 30th June 1857 at St James's Church, Trowbridge. Elizabeth was a Burler by trade, and emigrated to the US with her husband after they were married. Elizabeth died around 1865 in the US.
    6. Samuel – born 6th January 1840, Polebarn Lane, Trowbridge. Samuel was a House Painter by trade and married Martha Adams on the 10th October 1859. He died between 1859 and 1861.
    7. James – born in 1841, Trowbridge. James was buried on the 20th January 1848 at the Back Street Baptist Chapel in the Conigre, Trowbridge.
    8. Jemimaborn in 1844, Trowbridge. Jemima was a Cloth Worker and married Samuel Bailey in 1872, Trowbridge. She died in 1878.
    9. Marthaborn in 1848, Trowbridge. Martha was a Cloth Worker and married Charles Whatley in 1878.

    John and Mary lived in Polebarn Lane, Duke Street, Yerbury Street, 15 Furlong and the Conigre, Trowbridge. In 1851 John and Mary were living in a little cottage in Yerbury Street with eight of their children and Mary’s sister Susannah Warren. Susannah is listed as being blind and receiving relief from the parish. John died on the 1st April 1871 in the Conigre of heart disease aged 60 years. He was buried on the 4th April 1871 in the Down Cemetery as a Baptist. The informant of his death was his son James Rose, and he marked his name with an “X”, as he could not write.  Mary was left a widow living with her daughters Jemima and Martha in the Conigre. Mary died in 1890 and was buried in the Down Cemetery on the 20th November 1890 with her husband John.

    The Conigre was a well known slum of Trowbridge. Over 100 families lived in this small built up area, and it was avoided by many townspeople. The living conditions were atrocious and water was served from a public pump until 1874.


    GEN IV

    Samuel ROSE was born on the 6th January 1840 at Polebarn Lane, Trowbridge to parents John Rose and Mary Warren. Samuel was a House Painter by trade and he married Martha ADAMS on the 10th October 1859 at the Baptist Chapel in Melksham. Martha was a Cloth Worker and was born in 1833 to parents William Adams, Coachman and Mary Day. Samuel and Martha had the following child:


    GEN V

    1. George William Rose – born 1st December 1859, Silver Street, Trowbridge. Married Lily Kate Summers in 1883 and died on the 31st October 1935.  See SUMMERS Genealogy.

    Notice was given on the 17th September 1859 for the marriage of Samuel and Martha at the Baptist Chapel in Melksham. By the census of 1861 we find Martha a widow living with her parents William and Mary Adams and her baby George William Rose in Castle Street, Trowbridge.

    We know that Samuel died between December 1859 and April 1861. His death had been a complete mystery, and no record of his death or burial could be found. The family story suggests he fell off a ladder and died which would tie in with his trade as a House Painter.

    However, after much searching, we found the record for Samuel Rose's burial in the Old Cemetery, Southampton on the 21st February 1860, along with a newpaper article of the time. It seems Samuel went to the Southampton docks to work very soon after his son George was born. Samuel died on Friday 17th February 1860. We do not know if he went to earn money for his young family, or if he ran away.

    FATAL ACCIDENT IN THE SOUTHAMPTON DOCKS - An inquest was held at the Canute Castle Hotel on Saturday afternoon, before Mr Edward Coxwell, borough coroner, respecting the death of Samuel Rose. It appeared from the statement of Richard Andrews, a plumber's labourer, that the deceased was of the same occupation, and worked under Mr Yetton in the employ of the Peninsular and Oriental Company. On Friday evening, about a quarter past 8 o'clock, he was walking from the jetty to the steamship Behar, upon which he was working in the inner dock, when he missed his step and fell between the quay and the ship. It was very dark at the time. Liney, the quartermaster, got hold of him by his necktie in the course of two or three minutes, passed a rope under his arms, and hauled him up to the jetty. Dr. Palk found him, stripped before the fire, at the Dock gatehouse, in a very feeble state, and bleeding from the ear, doubtless the result of a blow received in falling. It was possible, he considered, that there was a fracture at the base of the skull. Dr. Palk applied the usual remedies, and Dr Dusautoy was sent for, but the unfortunate man gradually got worse, and died at 10 o'clock the same night. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death". Mr Yetton spoke in high terms of the promtitude displayed by the Dock Company's officials, and by those in the service of Mr Stevens, of the Canute Castle Hotel, who lost not a moment in preparing a warm bath for the reception of the man after the accident.

    The Hampshire Advertiser Saturday 25th February 1860

    In 1871 we find Martha living in Castle Street with her son George, and in 1875 Martha married John Waite, a Cloth Worker, in Trowbridge. They lived at Prospect Place in Trowbridge for over 30 years. In 1911 we find Martha a widow and she is living on her own at 4 Emmanuel Buildings, Union Street, Trowbridge. She did not have any other children with John.

    Martha died on the 8th March 1917 and is buried at The Down Cemetery with her second husband John and his daughter Jane, in grave number UC1115.


    Martha and George William Rose  John and Martha Waite
    Circa 1875  


    GEN V

    George William ROSE was born on the 1st December 1859 in Silver Street, Trowbridge to parents Samuel Rose and Martha Adams. George married Draper’s Assistant Lily Kate SUMMERS on the 22nd October 1883 at the General Baptist Meeting House, Conigre, Trowbridge. Lily was born in 1860 to parents Charles Summers and Maria Turner. George was a Bookseller by trade later to become Managing Director of a printing company and Stationer. George and Lily had the following four children:

     GEN V

    1. George Samuel – born 1885, Church Street, Trowbridge. Married Rosie Chamberlain in 1911, Bath. George died on the 23rd January 1972 at Weymouth. Bookseller & Stationer.
    2. Marguerite Lily – born 1886, Church Street, Trowbridge. Died on the 16th November 1894 at Trowbridge from rheumatic fever.
    3. Charles William – born 3rd June 1891, Church Street, Trowbridge. Charles was a Bookseller and Stationer by trade and married Evelyn Corden on the 30th January 1918, Warminster. Charles died on the 29th June 1973 in Trowbridge.
    4. Frederick Alec – born 1896, Church Street, Trowbridge. Married Amy Bowell in 1924, Chippenham. Fred died on the 30th August 1961 in Berkshire.


    George Rose, Samuel, Charles, Fred and Lily Kate - circa 1898

    George and Lily lived at 14 & 15 Church Street and “Egerton” 10 Westbourne Road, Trowbridge. George was a bookseller at Church Street in 1891, and later moved to 6 Fore Street running his shop G W Rose & Son. George was a Rifle Volunteer in his younger days, and was honorary secretary of the Trowbridge Fire Brigade. George was Worshipful Master of two Lodges of Freemasons, and afterwards went on to honours in the County Provincial Lodge. In 1904 George was Treasurer of Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce, and President in 1907, he was also a member of the Urban Council.


    George William Rose

    Lily died on the 12th April 1929 of pneumonia at their home in Westbourne Road and is buried at the Down Cemetery. It is said that the family told Lily to hang on to see the birth of her Grandaughter June, but sadly she died before June was born. George died on the 31st October 1935 from prostate cancer in Basingstoke, the home of his son George, and is buried with his wife and daughter in grave number 999.


    GEN V

    Charles William ROSE was born on the 3rd June 1891 to George William Rose and Lily Kate Summers. Charles married Evelyn Mary CORDEN, daughter of Sidney Lancelot Corden, Ironmonger and Alice Mary Wallis, on the 30th January 1918 in Warminster. Charles and Evelyn had the following four children:


    GEN VI

    1. Anthony Peter – born 27th Feb 1920, Bradford Rd, Trowbridge. Married Pearl Bennett in 1946. Died in 1999, Gastard.
    2. Richard John – born 28th May 1921, Bradford Rd, Trowbridge. Married Peggy, died 28th Dec 2003, Trowbridge.
    3. Marie – Born 18th Feb 1925, 17 Westbourne Rd, Trowbridge. Married Peter Woods in 1951.
    4. June – born 6th June 1929, 17 Westbourne Rd, Trowbridge. Married Rupert John Tucker on the 7th July 1948, Trowbridge. Died 12th June 2012, Trowbridge.

    Charles was a dispatch rider (motorcycle) in WWI and was shot in the hand. After the war Charles took on the Stationer business from his father, which was later run by his son Richard John Rose – C.W Rose & Son, 6 Fore Street, Trowbridge.

    Charles William Rose Evelyn Mary Corden

    Evelyn died on the 10th November 1934 from leukaemia and was buried with her parents at St John’s Church, Boreham Road, Warminster. Charles died on the 19th June 1973 from pneumonia. He was cremated at Haycombe Cemetery in Bath and his ashes were scattered over Warminster Golf Course.





    GEN I

    George SUMMERS was born in 1664, North Bradley, Wilts. He married Mrs Geo SUMMERS (name unknown) circa 1689 and they had the following five children:


    GEN II

    1. Ann – born 21st April 1690, North Bradley.
    2. Margery – born 29th March 1695, North Bradley.
    3. William – born 3rd October 1697. North Bradley. Married Rebecca Statford, died 20th August 1742, North Bradley.
    4. Francis – born 3rd December 1702, North Bradley.
    5. John – born 15th March 1706, North Bradley.


    GEN II

    William SUMMERS was born on the 3rd October 1697 in North Bradley to parents George Summers and his wife. William married Rebecca STATFORD on the 6th January 1723 at North Bradley and had the following six children:



    1. Sarah – born 1724, North Bradley. Died 30th September 1726, North Bradley.
    2. “male” – born 13th September 1724, North Bradley.
    3. George – born 1730, North Bradley. Died 14th July 1743, North Bradley.
    4. Ann – born 1732, North Bradley. Died 11th December 1785, North Bradley.
    5. Mary – born 1735, North Bradley.
    6. Simon – born 1738, North Bradley. Married Sarah Wilkins in 1763 and died on the 25th April 1788, North Bradley.

    William Summers died on the 20th August 1742 in North Bradley.



    Simon SUMMERS was born in 1738 to William Summers and Rebecca Statford. Simon married Sarah WILKINS on the 5th March 1763 in North Bradley. They had the following six children:


    GEN IV

    1. Simon – born 1768, North Bradley. Married Bridget Merrett on the 13th July 1788, North Bradley.
    2. William – born 1770, North Bradley.
    3. James – born 1774, North Bradley.
    4. Elizabeth – born 1776, North Bradley.
    5. Mary – born 1778, North Bradley.
    6. John – born 1778, North Bradley.


    GEN IV

    Simon SUMMERS was born in 1768, North Bradley to parents Simon Summers snr and Sarah Wikins. Simon married Bridget MERRETT on the 13th July 1788, North Bradley. They had the following five children:


    GEN V

    1. Simon – born 24th January 1790, North Bradley. Died 1878.
    2. John – born 2nd October 1791, North Bradley.
    3. William – born 20th February 1802, North Bradley. Married Charlotte Dunning, died 1869 North Bradley.
    4. Joseph – born 17th April 1806, North Bradley.
    5. Jane – born 27th March 1809, North Bradley.


    GEN V

    William SUMMERS was born on the 20th August 1802, North Bradley to parents Simon Summers and Bridget Merrett. William married Charlotte DUNNING, daughter of Thomas Dunning and Ann Long, on the 14th April 1824 at the North Bradley Parish Church. Charlotte could not write and signed her name with an “X”. William and Charlotte had the following eight children:


    GEN VI

    1. Charles – Born 4th February 1825, North Bradley Baptist. Married Maria Turner in 1844, died on the 24th April 1906 in Trowbridge.
    2. Ann – birth unknown, died 22nd March 1829, buried at the North Bradley Baptist Church.
    3. Elizabeth – birth unknown, died 24th December 1823, buried at the North Bradley Baptist Church.
    4. William – birth unknown, died 9th May 1833,  buried at the North Bradley Baptist Church.
    5. Ann – born 23rd June 1929, North Bradley Baptist Church.
    6. William – born 16th February 1834, North Bradley Baptist Church. Carpenters Apprentice by trade.
    7. Elizabeth – born 10th December 1836, North Bradley Baptist Church. Hand Loom Weaver by trade.
    8. Rebeckah – born 1840, North Bradley Baptist Church. Hand Loom Weaver by trade.

    William and Charlotte lived at Yarnbrook and Church Lane, North Bradley between 1841 and 1861. William was a cloth and wool hand loom weaver by trade.

    Charlotte died in 1843, North Bradley and William married his second wife Elizabeth Winsgrove in 1844, North Bradley. Both William and Elizabeth died in 1869 and are both buried at the North Bradley Baptist Church.


     GEN VI

    Charles SUMMERS was born on the 4th Feb 1825, North Bradley to parents William Summers and Charlotte Dunning. Charles married Maria TURNER on the 12th December 1844 at the Parish Church of North Bradley. Maria was a Weaver by trade and was christened on the 25th December 1825, Hilperton to parents Robert Turner, Weaver and Rachel Haywood . Charles and Maria had the following ten children:



    1. Fanny – born 1846, North Bradley. Married Frederick Randall in 1869, Trowbridge. Died in 1920, Trowbridge.
    2. Eliza – born 1847, North Bradley. Married William Hilliker in 1871, Trowbridge. Woollen Cloth Finisher. Died in 1905, Rochford, Essex.
    3. Selina – born 1849, North Bradley. Married Athur Randall in 1878, Trowbridge. Woollen Cloth Finisher. Died in 1944, Trowbridge.
    4. Edward – born 1851, Trowbridge. Married Portia Waters in 1898, Warwickshire. Woollen Cloth Clerk, and Innkeeper of the White Swan in Trowbridge in 1888. Died in 1923, Trowbridge.
    5. Rosina – born 1855, Trowbridge. Married William Blair in 1879. Woollen Cloth Finisher. Died in 1937, Totnes, Devon.
    6. Agnes Amelia – born 1858, Trowbridge. Died in 1879, Trowbridge.
    7. Lily Kate – born 1860, Trowbridge. Married George William Rose in 1883. Drapers Assistant. Died on the 12th April 1929, Trowbridge.  See ROSE Genealogy.
    8. Ellen Maria – born 1961, Trowbridge. Barmaid. Died in 1937, Rochford, Essex.
    9. Ada Louisa – born 1863, Trowbridge.  School Mistress. Married Gideon Norton White in 1887, Trowbridge. Died in 1935, Bradford on Avon.
    10. Annie – born 1865, Trowbridge. Died 1877, Trowbridge.
    Charles Summers Lily Kate Summers

    In 1851 Charles and Maria lived in Mortimer Street, and Charles was a Weaver. In 1861 they lived in Duke Street, and Charles was a Foreman of a woollen / cloth factory. In 1871 they were living at Salters Yard, and Charles was a Woollen Manufacturers Clerk. In 1881 Charles was an Innkeeper living at The White Swan Inn, 6 Church Street and also Manager of a Woollen firm. In 1891 Charles was a Book Keeper in a Woollen Mill and they were living at 29 St Georges Terrace, Stallard Street.  Charles worked for Salter & Co, Woollen Cloth Manufacturers for over 50 years.

    Maria died in 1899 and was buried on the 24th January 1899 at the Down Cemetery in Trowbridge. Charles  married his second wife Emily DEACON, Dressmaker, on the 14th January 1901 at the Trinity Church in Trowbridge. Charles was 75 years of age, and Emily was 57 years.

    By the census of 1901 Charles was a retired Book Keeper and was living at Hazelmere, Newtown with his second wife Emily.

    Charles died on the 24th April 1906 at his home Hazelmere, Newtown and was buried at the Down Cemetery with his first wife Maria in grave number C1001. This grave is only two away from his daughter Lily Kate Summers.  Charles was a member of the Conservative Club, and the Union Jack was hung at half mast when he died.

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