Cottle Genealogy



William COTTLE was born around 1803 in Melksham. He was a Farmer by trade and married Frances NEWMAN on the 21st September 1828 at St Michael’s Church in Melksham. Frances was born on the 14th August 1803 in Melksham to John Newman, and Frances Chapman. William and Frances had the following seven children:



  1. Charles William Newman– Baptised 30th December 1829, Melksham. Farmer by trade and married Hannah Breach Hitchcock in 1856. Died in 1901 at Pile Farm, Seend.
  2. Eliza Ann – Baptised 30th December 1829, Melksham. Married Aaron Breach Hitchcock ( brother to above Hannah Breack Hitchcock ) on the 30th January 1856 in Melksham. Eliza died on the 24th March 1906 at her home 3 Longfellow Avenue, Bath. Eliza and Aaron had the following child, Aaron died in 1861, Dauntsey.

    1. Frances Mary - born 1857, Dauntsey. Married Henry Brooke.

  3. Ann Adelaide – born 19th October 1831, Melksham. Married George Hunter Buckpitt on the 22nd April 1856 in Melksham. Ann and George had the following chile. George died on the 13th Nov 1858, and Ann married her second husband Benjamin Sawtell in Christchurch on the 17th Jan 1889. Benjamin died in 1890, and Ann died on the 15th May 1925 at 14 Devonshire Buildings, Bath.

    1. Fanny Eliza - born 4th March 1857. Died 28th Feb 1858.

  4. Thomas Richard – born 27th June 1833, Melksham. Died on the 2nd March 1862, Melksham.
  5. Frances Chapman – born 27th April 1835, Melksham. Died on the 5th May 1838, Melksham.
  6. Jane Maria – born 7th June 1837, Melksham. Died on th 12th November 1839, Melksham.
  7. Mary Ann – born 14th April 1841, Melksham.

In 1841 William and Frances were living in the village tyning of Melksham. William is listed as a Yeoman and Farmer. By 1851 they are living at the Conigre Farm, Semington Road, Melksham where they stayed for over 35 years. Over this time William was farming between 200 and 360 acres of land.

Frances died on the 6th December 1880 at Conigre Farm and was buried at St Michaels Church in Melksham. William died on the 28th May 1887 at Conigre Farm aged 84 years. He is buried with his wife Frances at St Michaels.




Charles William Newman COTTLE was born in 1829, and was baptised on the 30th December 1829 in Melksham to William Cottle and Frances Newman. Charles was a Farmer by trade and married Hannah Breach HITCHCOCK on the 8th April 1856 at the Parish Church in Dauntsey. Hannah was born on the 6th January 1828 to Joseph Hitchcock, Farmer and Mary Breach. Charles and Hannah had the following ten children:



  1. William Newman – born 22nd February 1857, Melksham. Farmer at Conigre Farm, Melksham. Married Kate Mary Osborne on the 22nd Nov 1887, Melksham. William died 20th March 1910, Melksham. William and Kate had the following six children:

    1. Frances Newman - born 1888, Melksham.
    2. Bernard Newman - born 1889, Melksham.
    3. William Newman - born 1896, Melksham.
    4. Geoffrey Osborne - born 1900, Melksham.
    5. Raymond Newman - born 1904, Melksham.
    6. Kathleen Mary - born 1907, Melksham.

  2. Charles Richard – born 30th May 1858, Melksham. Farmer at Woodrow farm, Melksham and married Henrietta Elizabeth Brooke in 1892, Melksham. Died on the 30th October 1935.
  3. Frederick James – born 19th January 1860, Melksham. Farmer at Craysmarsh Farm, Melksham and married Adelaide Augusta Perren in 1889, Melksham. Died on the 29th August 1932, Melksham. Frederick and Adelaide had the following six children:

    1. Frederick James - born 1890, Semington.
    2. Sidney Alfred - born 1891, Seend.
    3. Dorothy Adelaide - born 1893, Seend.
    4. Lucy Sarah Dancey - boen 1895, Melksham.
    5. Ernest John - born 1897, Melksham.
    6. Robert Benjamin - born 1899, Melksham.

  4. Thomas – born 29th September 1861, Melksham. Farmer at West Pennard, Somerset and married Mary Hutchings on the 5th August 1882, Devon. Thomas died on the 17th March 1934 at Glastonbury, and had the following fifteen children with Mary:

    1. Thomas Horace - born 1883.
    2. Charles Henry - born 1885, Weymouth.
    3. Herbert Percy - born 1886, Brinkworth.
    4. William - born 1887, Brinkworth.
    5. John Hubert - born 1893, Mere, Somerset.
    6. Ernest James - born 1895, Mere, Somerset.
    7. Alfred George - born 1897, Glastonbury.
    8. Annie Elizabeth - born 1889, Glastonbury.
    9. Alfred George - born 1889, Glastonbury. Died 1891.
    10. Frederick Arthur - born 1889 Glastonbury.
    11. Emily Charlotte - born 1891, Glastonbury.
    12. Frances Helena - born 1894, Glastonbury.
    13. Mildred Alice - born 1901, Glastonbury.
    14. Cecil Arthur - born 1902, Glastonbury.
    15. Helena Maud - born 1904, Glastonbury.

  5. Albert Edward – born 19th April 1863, Melksham. Farmer at Newtown Farm, Melksham. Married Amy Rose Hitchcock in 1891, Melksham. Albert died on the 2nd March 1939, Melksham, and had the following elevan children with Amy:

    1. Edward - born 1892, Melksham.
    2. William Charles - born 1893, Melksham.
    3. Janet Rose - born 1895, Melksham.
    4. Sarah Louisa - born 1897, Melksham.
    5. Mabel Annie - born 1898, Melksham.
    6. Alfred James - born 1900, Melksham.
    7. Reginald Jasper - born 1902, Melksham.
    8. Albert Victor - born 1904, Melksham.
    9. Stanley Joseph - born 1907, Melksham.
    10. Alec Gordon - born 1908, Melksham.
    11. Mildred Frances - born 1910, Melksham.

  6. Fanny Maria – born 7th May 1865, Melksham. Married Herbert Craddock on the 11th Dec 1889, Melksham. Fanny died on the 19th Feb 1932 at Poulton, Somerset. Fanny and Herbert had the following five children:

    1. Florence Louisa - born 1891, Kilmersdon, Bath.
    2. Herbert Richard - born 1892, Kilmersdon, Bath.
    3. Ernest Douglas - born 1897, Kilmersdon, Bath.
    4. Victor Sydney - born 1902, Kilmersdon, Bath.
    5. Ruby Frances - born 1904, Kilmersdon, Bath.

  7. Annieborn 7th August 1867, Melksham. Died in 1867.
  8. Marian – born 13th September 1868, Melksham. Died in 1868.
  9. John – born 8th May 1870, Melksham. Farmer at Lower Seend park, Semington. married Martha Annie Munday in 1907, Melksham. John died on the 30th April 1954 at Melksham and had the following four children with Martha:

    1. Edith Mary - born 1909, Melksham. TWIN. Died 1909.
    2. Howard John - born 1909, Melksham. TWIN. Died 1909.
    3. Margaret Faith - born 1913, Melksham.
    4. Barbara Joan - born 1916, Melksham.

  10. Herbert George – born 1st January 1873, Melksham. Admitted to the Devizes County Lunatic Asylum. Died on the 17th Sep 1906 at rhe Asylum.

After their marriage Charles and Hannah lived at Newtown Farm, Melksham for about 20 years. They then lived at 67 Woodrow Cottages and Woodrow Farm, later living at Pile Farm in Seend.

Hannah died on the 13th January 1908 at Pile Farm aged 80 years and is buried at St Michaels Church in Melksham. Charles died on the 8th June 1910 at Pile Farm, and is buried with his wife Hannah.


Charles William Newman Cottle



Charles Richard COTTLE was born on the 30th May 1858 in Melksham to Charles William Newman Cottle, Farmer and Hannah Breach Hitchcock. Charles Married Henrietta Elizabeth BROOKE on the 22nd June 1892 at St Michaels Parish Church in Melksham. Henrietta was born in 1866 in Somerton, to Edwin Brooke and Elizabeth Bailey. Charles and Henrietta had the following seven children:



  1. Charles Edwin Newman – born 24th April 1893, Woodrow Farm, Melksham. Baptised on the 11th June 1893 at St Andrews Church, Melksham. Died on the 13th January 1912, Melksham.
  2. Eleanor Margaret – born 29th March 1895, Woodrow Farm, Melksham. Baptised 16th June 1895 at St Andrew’s. Married Edwin Dyer Tucker in 1920, died 18th March 1983 at Whaddon.
  3. Ralph Alexander – born 1896, Woodrow Farm, Melksham. Baptised 4th October 1896 at St Andrew’s. Farmer at Woodrow, Melksham. Married Anna Elizabeth Tucker ( sister to the above Edwin Dyer Tucker ) in 1922, Bradford on Avon. Ralph died on the 27th March 1971, Trowbridge and had the following two children with Anna:

    1. Phyllis M - born 1923, Melksham.
    2. Alan R - born 1925, Bradford on Avon.

  4. Richard Henry Brooke – born 1st October 1897, Woodrow Farm, Melksham. Baptised on 9th January 1898 at St Andrew’s. Richard Henry Brooke was adopted by his Uncle Herbert Henry Cottle and his wife, who couldn't have children. He died on the 17th May 1936. Richard married Florence Edith Hartley in 1920, Vath, and had the following three children:

    1. Marian Florence - born 1920, Bath.
    2. Alan Raymond - born 1924, Bath.
    3. June Pamela - born 1928, Bath.

  5. Ethel Kitty – born 15th October 1898, Woodrow Farm, Melksham. Baptised on the 15th January 1899 at St Andrew’s.  Ethel married Percy Robert Dyer in 1924. She died on the 12th November 1986, and had the following four children with Percy:

    1. Sydney R - born 1925, Mere, Wilts.
    2. Gerald H - born 1927, Mere, Wilts.
    3. Robert H - born 1930, Mere, Wilts.
    4. Robin - born 1932, Mere, Wilts.

  6. Arthur Geoffrey Bailey – born 27th December 1902, Forest, Melksham. Baptised on the 15th February 1903 at St Andrew’s. Died on the 1st August 1972 in Warminster.
  7. Frank Clifford Brooke – born 6th May 1907, Forest, Melksham. Baptised on the 18th August 1907 at St Andrew’s. Frank married Phyllis G. Atwell in 1934, Calne and had the following three children: Frank died on the 10th October 1991.

    1. Richard Frank - born 1935, Trowbridge.
    2. Gillian Grace - born 1936, Trowbridge.
    3. Audrey E - born 1939, Warminster.


Cottle Family taken around 1900 - Eleanor Margaret Cottle aged 5, seated to the left. Henrietta Cottle, seated centre holding Charles Edwin Newman Cottle, Charles Cottle standing behind to the right of Henrietta holding one of their children. Elizabeth Brooke ( Henrietta's mother, seated far right ).


Eleanor Margaret Cottle

After they were married Charles and Henrietta lived at Woodrow Farm for over 30 years. Charles was a Farmer by trade and he was also the Church Warden at St Andrew’s Church in Melksham for over 40 years.

Charles & Henrietta Cottle

Cottle Family

Charles died on the 30th October 1935 at Mill Farm, Steeple Ashton aged 77 years. He is buried at St Andrew’s Church, Forest, Melksham.

Henrietta died on the 25th March 1947 at 41 Woodrow aged 79 years. She is buried with her husband Charles at St Andrew’s.





Henry Andrews BROOKE was born in 1791, Somerset. He was a Farmer by trade, and married Ann MAGGS on the 21st October at Rampisham, Dorset. Henry and Ann had the following six children:



  1. Henry - Born 26th Feb 1814, Rampisham, Dorset. Farmer of 300 acres. Married Maria A ####. Died in 1892. Henry and Maria had the following child:

    1. Maria - born 1843, West Camel, Somerset.

  2. Annie - Born in 1821, Podimore, Somerset.
  3. William - Born in 1821, Podimore, Somerset. Married Sarah Hignett in 1864. Farmer of 200 acres. William died in 1894, and with Sarah had two children:

    1. William - Born 1867, Yatton, Somerset.
    2. Sarah Hignett - Born 1869, Yatton, Somerset.

  4. Richard Stephen - Born in 1826, Podimore. Died in 1905, Yeovil.
  5. George - Born in 1827, Podimore. Married Annie Trent 3rd Dec 1853, Sherbourne, Dorset. Farmer of 400 acres. George died in 1893. George and Annie has the following five children:

    1. George Henry - Born 1856, Somerset.
    2. Constance Annie - Born 1855, Limington, Somerset.
    3. William - Born 1866, Ash, Surrey.
    4. Edward - Born 1870, Ash, Surrey.
    5. Mabel May - Born 1880, Loughton, Essex.

  6. Edwin - Born in 1829, Podimore. Married Elizabeth Bailey in 1860. Died in 1905.
  7. Albert - Born in 1831, Podimore.

Henry lived in Podimore Milton at the time of the 1841 census. He died on the 2nd September 1848 at Charlton Mackrell, Somerset. His wife Annie died before the 1841 census.


Edwin BROOKE was born in 1829 in Podimore to parents Henry Brooke and "unknown". Edwin was a Farmer by trade and married Elizabeth BAILEY in 1860, Wells. Elizabeth was born in 1839 to parents Henry BAILEY, Inn Keeper and Henrietta. Edwin and Elizabeth had the following seven children:



  1. Edwin Baily - Bapt 14th April 1861, Limington, Somerset. Farmer at Home farm, Sandridge, Melksham. Died on the 25th Feb 1945 at Littleton, Semington.
  2. Henry Shore - Bapt 9th Nov 1862, Charton, Mackrell. Died pre 1971.
  3. Herbert Henry - Bapt  4th September 1864, Charlton Mackrell. Married Francis Hitchcock in 1894. Died on the 21st May 1929, Somerset. Apprentice Grocer and Dairy farmer by trade. Herbert Henry and Francis did not have any children by birth, but Herbert's sister Henrietta gave them one of her children as a baby to raise as their own, funily enought Richard henry Brooke is found on two Census shedules for 1901:

    1. Richard Henry Brooke - Born 1898, Melksham.  ( See Cottle Tree )

  4. Henrietta Elizabeth - Born in 1866, Somerset, Somerset. Married Charles Richard Cottle in 1892. Died on the 25th March 1947, Melksham. See Cottle Genealogy.
  5. George Alexander - Born on the 13th December 1870, Cary Fitzpaine. Farmer at Highcroft, Semington Road, melksham. Married Mary Ann Hutton on the 18th July 1894, Melksham. Died on the 6th September 1937, Melksham. George and Mary had the following two children:

    1. Gladys Mary - Born 1896, Melksham.
    2. Kathleen Doris - Born 1898, Melksham.

  6. Florence Annie - Bapt 23rd July 1871, Charlton Mackrell. Hospital Nurse.
  7. Mary Katherine - Born on the 7th January 1874, Cary Fitzpaine. Married Frank Thomas Highett Brooks in 1905. Mary Katherine died in 1965, and had the following child with Frank:

    1. Lionel - Born 1908, Burnham, Somerset.

Edwin and Elizabeth lived at the Farm House, Lymingon, Cary Fitzpayne Farm, Bruton and Sandridge, Melksham. Edwin died on the 7th August 1905 at Home Farm, Sandridge, Melksham aged 76 years. Elizabeth died on the 30th March 1914 at Home Farm, Sandridge, Melksham aged 75 years.

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