Barrett Genealogy



Joseph BARRETT was born in 1783 in Cambridgeshire. He was a Gardener and Farmer by trade and married Anne BUTCHER on the 13th October 1803 at Downham, Cambs, They had the following six children:



  1. Joseph – born 5th June 1804, Bluntisham. "Under Butler" at the Emmanual College, St Andrew the Great, Cambs in 1841.
  2. Elizabeth – born 2nd September 1806, Bluntisham. Married William Cawthorne in Ely, 26th Oct 1845.
  3. Mary – born 29th December 1808, Bluntisham
  4. Ann – born 13th September 1813, Bluntisham.
  5. William – born 2nd March 1816, Bluntisham. Married Ann Beldam in 1839. William was a Gardener and Farmer by trade and died in 1899.
  6. Ephraim – born in 1821, Downham, Cambs. Married Rebecca Brittain on the 7th August 1843 in Ely. Ephraim was an Agricultural Labourer by trade and in 1901 he was found to be living in the Cambridge Road, Ely workhouse, a pauper widow aged 81. His wife Rebecca has died in 1889. He died a year later in 1902, Cambs.


In 1841 Joseph and Ann lived at Main Street, Downham, Cambs, but both died between 1841 and 1851.



William BARRETT was born on the 2nd March 1816 at Little Downham, Cambs to Joseph Barrett, Gardner and Ann Butcher. William married Ann BELDAM, Milliner, daughter of Robert Gunnell Beldam, Horse Dealer and Phoebe Asplin, on the 25th December 1839 at the Baptist Chapel, St Ives, Cambs. William and Ann had the following eight children:



  1. Margaret – born 1840, St Ives, Cambs. Died on the 14th January 1859, Bluntisham.
  2. Joseph – born 1841,Bluntisham, Hunts. Ag Lab.
  3. William – born 1843, Bluntisham, Hunts. Farmer & Ag Lab. Married Emma ###. In 1911 William was a Gardener and Traveller for Mandrake - presumably working for his brother Joshus. William died on the 5th Feb 1915, Hunts. William and Emma had the following four children:

    1. Herbert - Born 1874 Bluntisham.
    2. Margaret - Born 1875 Bluntisham.
    3. Edith Maud - Born 1877 Bluntisham
    4. Kate Elizabeth - Born 1881 Bluntisham

  4. Pulsford – born 1845, Bluntisham. Died in 1867, St Ives, Cambs.
  5. Charles – born 1848, Bluntisham. Master Grocer, married Elizabeth Scott in 1871, Died in 1921, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
  6. Joshua – born 1850, Bluntisham. Proprietor of Barretts Mandrake Embrocation – Victorian “cure all” medicine. Married Margaret Cole in 1874. Joshua lived at Mandrake House, 26 Beechfield Avenue, Whitegate drive, Blackpool. Joshu and his wife Margaret were living separately from 1901, although still listed as married. Margaret died in 1919, and Joshua married his housekeeper Martha Ann PLanty in 1919, who he had been living with since 1901. Joshua died on the 11th December 1931, and had the following three children with Margaret:

    1. Arnold Henry - Born 1876, Islington. London.
    2. Hugh Moore - Born 1877, Islington, London.
    3. Mabel Grace - Born 1879, Islington, London.

  7. Millicent Phoebe – born 1855, Bluntisham. Miliner. Married George Smith in 1876, St Ives, Cambs. Millicent died on the 2nd July 1948, Hunts, and had the following two children with George:

    1. Sydney Pulsford B - Born 1877, Bluntisham.
    2. Claud Stanley - Born 1880, Fenstanton.

  8. Clara Ann – born 1858, Bluntisham. Maried Charles Culpin in 1881, St Ives, Cambs. Clara died on the 18th January 1894, and had the following six children with Charles:

    1. Charles - Born 1881, Hitchin, Herts.
    2. Mildred Clara - Born 1882, Stevenage, Herts.
    3. Edith Maud - Born 1883, Stevenage, Herts.
    4. Gertrude Sarah - Born 1885, Stevenage, Herts.
    5. Elsie Berta Barrett - Born 1889, Stevenage, Herts.
    6. Charles Millice L - Born 1891, Stevenage, Herts. Blacksmith by trade.

In 1841 William was a Gardener living with his family at East End, Bluntisham. By 1851 he was a Farmer of 20 acres, and then in 1861 and 1871 he and his family were living at Colne Road, Bluntisham and William was a Farmer of 100 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy.

On the 9th November 1873 William was chosen as a Deacon at the Bluntisham Baptish Church, later to become an honoured Baptist deacon.

Ann died in 1878, and William married his second wife Annie Thorpe ( born in 1844, Swavesey, Cambs ) on the 18th March 1880 at the Old Baptist Chapel, Swavesey. William and Annie had the following child:



  1. Florence Beatrice – born 1882, Bluntisham. Married Maurice Lincoln on the 21st Nov 1902, Hunts. Florence died in 1965, St Ives, Hunts and had the following three children with Maurice:

    1. Leonard Maurice - Born 1903, Bluntisham.
    2. James William - Born 1907, Bluntisham.
    3. Ethel Florence - Born 1910, Colne, Hunts

In 1881 and 1891, William and his second wife Ann and their daughter were living at Colne Road, Bluntisham, and William was a Farmer of 118 acres employing 3 men and 2 boys.

William Barrett

William died in 1899 at St Ives, Cambridge.



Charles BARRETT was born in 1848, St Ives, to William Barrett, Farmer and Ann Beldam, Milliner. Charles married Elizabeth SCOTT, daughter of Isaac Shawl Scott, Master Boatman, and Mary Ann Muckleton, in 1871, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Charles and Elizabeth had the following seven children:



  1. Charles Pulsford – born 1873, Kings Lynn. Confectioner at 98 High Street, Kings Lynn. Married Elizabeth Lincon in 1896, Kings Lynn. Charled died in 1959, Kings Lynn and had the following four children with Elizabeth.

    1. Wilfred Lincoln Pulsford - Born 1897, Kings Lynn.
    2. Sydney Charles - Born 1899, Kings Lynn.
    3. Edward James - Born 1900, Kings Lynn.
    4. Donald Victor - Born 1903, Kings Lynn.

  2. Edith Elizabeth Scott – born 1874, Kings Lynn. Edith died on the 9th April 1921, Kings Lynn aged 46 years. Buried at the Hardwick Road Cemetery, Plot G749.
  3. Florence Augusta – born 1878, Kings Lynn. Married John Fountaine Stratton in 1903, Kings Lynn. They had the following child:

    1. Caley Fountaine - Born 1905, Watton, Norfolk.

  4. Edward Charles – born 1879, Kings Lynn. Died on the 3rd May 1900 at the Battle of Colenso, Anglo Boer War. Edward Charles was a Private in Thorneycroft’s Light Horse mounted Infantry.  He was buried at Durban Cemetery in South Africa.
  5. Arthur Edward – born 1882, Kings Lynn.
  6. Alfred Charles – Born 1883, Kings Lynn. Grocer. Married Jessy Greeven in 1908, Wisbech, Cambs, They had one child, unknown name.
  7. Cyril Issac – born 9th February 1892, Kings Lynn. Officer of Customs and Excise. Married Ada Westrope in 1915. Died on the 14th May 1980, Holt, Wilts.

Charles was a Master Grocer and lived with his family at 100 High Street, Kings Lynn for over 40 years. “C. Barrett – 100 High Street, Grocers & Tea Dealers, in Wine & Spirits”.

In 1864  Barrett was apprenticed at the age of 16 to be a Grocer. He set up business for himself in Norfolk Street, and in 1875 moved to 100 High Street. Here he became well known and highly respected as a man of business.

Mr Barrett was an earnest and devoted member of the Baptist church. For 37 years he was in the diaconate at the Stepney Baptist Church in Kings Lynn, and at the time of his death he was senior deacon.

In his ealier days Charles was intensely fond of swimming, for years he had been a member of the "Old Stager" Lodge of Oddfellows.

He was a member of the Lynn Town Council and his public work lay chiefly in his service on the Lynn Board of Guardians.

"The soul of good humour, and with a fund of stories, he was immensely popular with not only the sick but with those with whom he rubbed shoulders in shop and street. At the Stepney tea meetings he was the life and soul of the place"

"A very lovable man, who took pride in his trade, it was such a Grocer as he whom Dickens sketched as Fezziwig".

" We shall all miss our old friend - his jokes and his tales; his shrewd, bright eye, his warm, cordial hand, and his big kindly heart"

Charles Barrett Elizabeth Scott

Charles died on the 24th January 1921 at 100 High Street. He died of a diabetic coma aged 72 years and is buried at the Hardwick Road Cemetery in Kings Lynn, Plot G766. Elizabeth died in 1938, Kings Lynn aged 89 years. Elizabeth is also buried at the Hardwick Rd Cemetery, but in Plot G781.



Cyril Isaac BARRETT was born on the 9th February 1892 in Kings Lynn to Charles Barrett, Grocer and Elizabeth Scott. Cyril married Ada Gertrude WESTROPE, Dressmaker, daughter of William Westrope and Mary Jane Willis, in 1915, Lambeth, Greater London. Cyril and Ada had the following two children:



  1. John Scott – born 4th January 1921, London. Married Beryl. Died in October 2005, Perth, Scotland.
  2. Mary Jean – born 9th April 1925, Cambeltown, Argyllshire. Mary was in the Land Army, and later a Nurse in the war and married Ian Forbes MacMath in 1947.

Cyril was an Officer of Customs & Excise for Tobacco Imports. He worked at various distilleries including Tullibardine where he was Distillery Secretary  & Manager, Glenlivet etc… They lived at London, Cambeltown, Oban, Glenlivet, Blackford in Perth, Biddestone and Holt. Cyril was a conscientious objector during the war and was blind in one eye due to some kind of accident.

Cyril & Ada Barrett

Cyril and Ada celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at The Portway House Hotel, Frome on the 5th September 1965.

Cyril and Ada moved to Holt in 1969. Ada died on the 1st August 1973 at 258a The Common, Holt and is buried at St Katherine’s Church, Cyril died on the 14th May 1908 at Holt and is buried with Ada at the Church. On the day Cyril died, he asked his daughter Mary to pop over as he felt unwell and went to lie down. He left the door unlocked, and Mary found he had passed away in his sleep.




Jonas SCOTT was born around 1704. His wife is unknown, and they had the following child:



  1. Samuel - Born  1733, Sudbury, Suffolk. Gentleman's Servant. Married Millicent NOTTAGE in 1754. Died 1809, Sudbury, Suffolk.



Samuel SCOTT was born in 1733, Sudbury, Suffolk to parents Jonas SCOTT and unknown. He was a Gentleman's Servant, and married Millicent NOTTAGE on the 17th February 1754 at the Collegiate Church of St Katherine By The Tower in the City of London. Millicent was born in 1729. Samuel and Millicent had the following five children:




  1. William Thoroughgood - Born in 1758, Sudbury, Suffolk. Married Elizabeth Berry on the 4th May 1781, Sudbury, Suffolk. Married Judith Patterson on the 16th Feb 1783, St Nicholas Chapel, Kings Lynn. William and Judith had the following three children:

    1. William - Born 2nd Aug 1793, Kings Street, Kings Lynn.
    2. Samuel - Born 16th Dec 1795, Kings Street, Kings Lynn.
    3. Mary - Born 20th Apr 1800, Kings Street, Kings Lynn

  2. Isaac Nottage - Born in 1760, Sudbury, Suffolk. Died 1844.
  3. Samuel - Born in 1763, Sudbury, Suffolk. Died in 1810.
  4. Ann Nottage - Born in 1765, Sudbury, Suffolk.
  5. Patrick Blake Griggs - Born in 1767, Sudbury, Suffolk. Died in 1769.


Millicent died in 1794 and Samuel died in 1809 in Sudbury, Suffolk aged 76 years.


Isaac Nottage SCOTT was born in 1760 to parents Samuel SCOTT and Millicent NOTTAGE. Isaac married Rebecca HUTCHINSON on the 17th July 1783 in Kings Lynn. Isaac and Rebecca had the following children:




  1. Samuel - Bapt 21st Apr 1874, All Saints, Sudbury, Suffolk.
  2. Daniel - Bapt 1st May 1788, Saint Gregorys, Sudbury, Suffolk.
  3. Mary - Bapt 7th May 1788, Saint Gregorys, Sudbury, Suffolk..
  4. Isaac - Bapt 21st Feb 1791, St Gregorys, Sudbury, Suffolk. Buried 12th July 1970, St Gregorys, Sudbury.
  5. Isaac - Bapt 7th Jan 1791, St Gregorys, Sudbury, Suffolk. Buried 17th Dec 1972, St Gregorys, Sudbury.
  6. Elizabeth - Bapt 17th Dec 1793, St Gregorys, Sudbury, Suffolk.
  7. Melissa - Born in 1795, Kings Lynn.
  8. Millicent - Born in 1796, Kings Lynn.
  9. Isaac Nottage - Born in 1796, Kings Lynn. Baptised 11th November 1805, Kings Lynn. Married Elizabeth Shawl in 1822. Death unknown.
  10. William - Born in 1796m Kings Lynn.


Rebecca died in 1798, and Isaac went on to marry his second wife Catherine RAY on the 2nd April 1799 at Kings Lynn. Catherine was born in 1772. Isaac and Catherine had the following children:


  1. Edward - Born in 1799, Kings Lynn. Died in 1880.
  2. Ann Sutton - Born on the 4th November 1800, died on the 10th November 1800, Kings Lynn.
  3. Ann Sutton - Born on the 7th October 1801, died on the 21st May 1802, Kings Lynn.
  4.  Susanna - Born on the 21st September 1803, Kings Lynn.
  5. Ann Nottage - Born on the 17th October 1805. Died in 1806, Kings Lynn.
  6. Mary - Born on the 26th May 1807. Died in 1807, Kings Lynn.
  7. William - Born on the 26th May 1807. Died in 1807, Kings Lynn.
  8. Joseph Nottage - Born on the 29th March 1808. Died in 1840, Kings Lynn.


 Catherine died in 1838, and Isaac died on the 11th May 1844 at Little Port Street in Kings Lynn. He was 84 years of age.




Isaac Nottage SCOTT was born in 1796 in Norfolk. He was baptised on the 11th November 1805 in Kings Lynn. He was a Sailor, Boatman and Mariner by trade and married Elizabeth SHAWL, Laundress, on the 23rd May 1822 at St Margaret’s Parish Church, Kings Lynn. Neither Isaac or Elizabeth could write and signed their names with an “X”. Elizabeth Shawl was born on the 18th December 1897 in South Creake, Norfolk to John Shawl and Amy Nichols. Isaac and Elizabeth had the following eight children:



  1. Isaac Shawl – born 17th March 1823, Tower Street, Kings Lynn. Master Boatman and Waterman by trade. Married Mary Ann Muckleton in 1846. Died in 1915, Kings Lynn.
  2. John – born 3rd May 1825, Tower Street, Kings Lynn. Rope Maker/ Twine Spinner. Married Mary Ann Self 1859, Suffolk. Died in 1912, East Riding of Yorkshire. John and Mary Ann had the following child:

    1. Emma - Born 1861, Halesworth, Suffolk. Dressmaker.

  3. Rebecca – born 30th July 1827, Union Lane, Kings Lynn. Servant.
  4. Henry – born 13th December 1830, Union Lane, Kings Lynn. Shoe Maker.
  5. Amy – born 2nd June 1833, Tower Street, Kings Lynn. Maid & Servant. Died 1910, Norfolk.
  6. Frederick – born 5th June 1835, South Clough Lane, Kings Lynn. Brick Layers Labourer.
  7. Jacob – born 20th September 1837, South Clough Lane, Kings Lynn.  Master Mariner. Married Maria Mills in 1871, Victoria, Australia. Died in 17th Nov 1922, South Melbourne, Australia.
  8. Benjamin – born 1841, Kings Lynn. Married Elizabeth Meek in 1864, Norfolk. Died in 1913. Benjamin and Elizabeth had the following five children:

    1. Salina - Born 1866, Tatterset, Norfolk.
    2. Harry - Born 1868, Tatterset, Norfolk.
    3. Emma - Born 1869, Gatesend, Norfolk.
    4. Sarah - Born 1872, Gatesend, Norfolk.
    5. Jacob - Born 1876, Gatesend, Norfolk.

 Isaac was a Boatman / Waterman by trade in Kings Lynn. He operated a simple row boat unloading goods onto the land and maintaining the moorings of the shipping docks. In 1841 his son Isaac was working along side him in this profession.

Elizabeth died on the 14th October 1841 at Norfolk Street, Kings Lynn aged 45 years, and is buried at St Margaret’s Church in Kings Lynn.  Isaac's death is unknown. Benjamin was living with his aunt Sarah Crane ( nee Shawl ) in 1851 and 1861. Frederick and Jacob were living with their uncle Samuel Scott in 1851. Presumabley Isaac died before 1851.



Isaac Shawl SCOTT was born on the 17th March 1823 at Tower Street, Kings Lynn to Isaac Scott and Elizabeth Shawl. Isaac was a Master Boatman & Bargeman, and Waterman by trade and married Mary Ann MUCKLETON on the 23rd October 1846 at St Margaret’s church in Kings Lynn. Isaac and Mary had the following child:



  1. Elizabeth – born 1847, Kings Lynn. Married Charles Barrett in  1871, Kings Lynn. Died 1938.  See BARRETT Genealogy.


Isaac and Mary Ann we both living in South Clough Lane before they were married so we presume they were neighbours and this is how they met.

Isaac Shawl Scott

In 1861 Isaac was a Lighterman, a Lighter was a flat bottomed barge, powered by oars, that was used to take stores and equipment to and from moored craft. Later Isaac is described as a Master Boatman, meaning that he was a waterman who employed other men in his business.  In 1891, aged 67 Isaac is described as a Boat Maker. There was still demand for small boats in Kings Lynn, and it seems likely that these were Isaac’s produce. The construction of large ships had ended in the town by this time.

Mary Ann died on the 23rd March 1885 aged 58 years, and is buried in the Hardwick Road Cemetery in Kings Lynn, Plot G781. Isaac died on the 12th August 1915 aged 92 years, and is buried with his wife.

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